All these photos were taken during 15 minutes of our Saturday morning WOD.

It’s aerobic

Rowers, running, burpees and more! Your aerobic system will love Crossfit. Make sure you check out our tips on rowing. (more exercises coming soon)

It’s strength

Being strong is so beneficial to your health. Don’t worry, not every one lifts houses in a Crossfit class. With so many different levels and abilities we can adapt the strength component to a level that suits you. Also, make sure you check out or tips on the snatch. (more exercises coming soon)

Nurturing team atmosphere

Our coaches will help you work on technique and new moves. Everyone in the class is at different levels and there is a real sense of community and support.



And if you want or can, it’s gymnastics

And on top of all this week have an amazing team atmosphere.
Why not come and try for yourself..
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